Post-Exam Blues?

Since, well, the beginning of college, I’ve envisioned this day: sat at home, not college, with all my A-level exams finished. Nothing to revise for and worry about for nearly four months. And, don’t get me wrong, I can see that this is great and it’s just what I need. I love summer and I love the opportunity to get things done and revisit hobbies. But for some reason, things all feel a little lacklustre. My exams are finished, but I feel no sense of accomplishment.

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A Comprehensive Review of All My English Teachers So Far

I did (kind of) say in my previous post that now begins my spiral into exclusive Megan Boyle-esque confessional writing that is uncomfortably honest and possibly really fucking boring, but I’ve committed to it now and there’s no stopping me. I thought this would be a good place to start – it’s at least not totally unfamiliar territory. I’ve discounted my primary school teachers, both because I can’t remember a single thing about a good chunk of them and also because none of them were exclusively English teachers. To quote Kimya Dawson: ‘There are some nice teachers / And there are some mean teachers / Just because you have a mean teacher / Doesn’t mean all teachers suck’

(I’ve also anagrammed all my teachers’ names, both because I like anagrams and also because I don’t want to get sued or anything).

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I Can’t Write (Or Can I?)

Like with 100% of my problems, I like to ignore the fact that I can’t write anymore. Now, it’s okay to pretend my shelves don’t need urgently dusting, but not writing is probably a much more pressing problem. Writing is (unfortunately) a huge part of my identity. So is reading, and I haven’t being doing a whole lot of that either. But as university creeps closer – and, keep in mind, I’ll be studying Creative Writing – I’m really struggling to ignore this problem any longer. Like, it’s now surpassed trying to finish Inside No. 9 before my Netflix trial runs out.

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My EPQ Artefact

The reason I’m making this post is because I struggled a great deal in the initial stages of creating my Artefact to find any previous Artefacts people had made, or the relevant documents. As part of the June cohort, I have only yet to do my final presentation now, so I thought I’d provide anyone who may be struggling in the future with this with a little insight.

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Back to School: What’s In My Bag?


I can’t believe I’m making one of these. If you ever see me in real life, do not speak of this.

I also can’t believe it’s time to go back to college. This has probably been my quickest summer yet, and not even my busiest. It seems that final crucial time of exams and university admissions is creeping ever closer, and there’s nothing I can do to slow it down. However, we can take a little look at some of the contents of my bag this year instead of doing that homework I should’ve done back in July… Continue reading “Back to School: What’s In My Bag?”

Five Things to Know Before Starting Sixth Form

Before I started Year 12, I couldn’t stop envisioning myself strutting down a bustling corridor, best outfit on show for all to see, Frappucino in one carefully manicured hand and impeccably detailed notes in the other, meeting up with my large group of multicultural, equally as fashionable friends by my locker, retrieving my car keys, and driving us all down to some hip vegan cafe. Gone were the days of baggy jumpers and straggly ties – now, without a uniform (and legally being able to drive), I could experience an education akin to that of High School Musical.

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Embarrassing Moments

This is my own version of a piece by Megan Boyle that I had to do in class.

Auditioned to be an angel in the school nativity. Ended up as the ‘innkeeper’s wife’. I had literally no  dialogue but the second I walked on stage I started bawling and had to be carried off. The teacher gave me a digestive biscuit and I stopped crying.
(age 5)

Saw my first ever Chinese person and shouted, “Look, it’s Jackie Chan!”
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