Going Vegan, Finally (+ Vegan Snacks!)

Look, I’ve always been pretty vocal about vegetarianism. And by vocal I mean I might share a Humane League post about turkeys around Christmas time on Facebook, or awkwardly explain, “Well, ‘cos I love animals,” when interrogated after refusing a bag of Haribos at a school competition. But I did feel very strongly about not eating meat, and about animal rights. It was how I was raised. However, I never really gave veganism a proper thought. Granted, going vegetarian is still an excellent first step, but I think few vegetarians realise the impact of the dairy and egg industry – and that included me. I avoided leather, but that was my bit.

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Trichotillomania is always something I’ve had a really hard time talking about. Mental health is becoming less and less stigmatised by the day, and that’s only because people are willing to discuss it – but it’s never easy. I’ve suffered a lot because of trichotillomania – I’ve been mistreated by friends and family because of it, never mind strangers – and that means opening up about it makes me feel  pretty vulnerable, based on previous experiences. But people need to talk about trichotillomania, because it affects up to 4 in 100 people, and that’s quite a lot. Continue reading “Trichotillomania”