Vegan Eats in Amsterdam!

I just had to make a super quick post about some of the delicious food I ate in Amsterdam. I’m a seriously picky eater but it was an absolute breeze finding vegan restaurants in the city (with the help of Happy Cow)! Here’s some of the things I ate:

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McDonald’s Might Actually Be Hell On Earth


Regardless of your beliefs, the idea of Hell should conjure up images of misery and despair, pain and suffering, chaos and disorder, anguish and, most importantly, a complete and utter lack of any hope or sense of future. It’s where you go to be punished, and thus it’s where you’d never, ever willingly go – no matter how cheap or tasty you find the food there. Which is why I think McDonald’s might actually be Hell on Earth.

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Veggie North: The Eighth Day Co-Op


The Eighth Day is a vegetarian café and food shop on Oxford Road in Manchester, right near Manchester Met University. I’ve always found it a lovely little place to get simple, tasty vegetarian food to eat, as well as to buy for later. The first floor is a shop, but downstairs is a cute restaurant with a cosy decor. There’s usually plenty of space to sit, and it’s always a relaxed environment. Continue reading “Veggie North: The Eighth Day Co-Op”