Inside My (Very Messy) Wardrobe

A couple of years ago, my wardrobe was pink and consisted of ill-fitting boot-cut jeans, baggy t-shirts that I refreshed every year or so, and some random white trainers from JJB. Since then, my wardrobe has been (literally) plastered with pages from an old copy of Wuthering Heights and has now been overrun with an ever-growing collection of clothes. Do I have a style yet? Not really. Will I probably end up in earthy colours, cardigans and flowy skirts when I’m thirty? Probably. Nonetheless, let’s delve inside the chaos that is my ‘closet’…

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Two Flash Fiction Pieces: Inspire & Dual Parenting

Here are two extra-short stories (<70 words) produced for a flash fiction competition in partnership with my Creative Writing course and a local photography group, who ‘illustrate’ the text we produce with their own photographs. The theme is ‘Illuminating the Shadows’. These were mostly just character exercises I did in class that I shortened to fit the word count. Continue reading

Back to School: What’s In My Bag?


I can’t believe it’s time to go back to college. This has probably been my quickest summer yet, and not even my busiest. It seems that final crucial time of exams and university admissions is creeping ever closer, and there’s nothing I can do to slow it down. However, we can take a little look at some of the contents of my bag this year instead of doing that homework I should’ve done back in July… Continue reading

Movie Babble #1 – The Circle (2017)


The Circle (2017)

The kind of people who like to yammer on about social media being dangerous and toxic are the kind of people who post their rants on Facebook and ask their friends to share it. We all know social media can be dangerous, we all know it can have quite a negative influence and we all know the big tech companies are not to be trusted, but we use social media anyway because in the end, no one truly cares. The Circle is like these Facebook rants, only maybe with less substance. Continue reading

Skin, Make-Up, Scent & Hair

There was once a time when I had a pixie cut and completely clear skin and would just ruffle my hair with my hands before turning out and maybe even put on lip balm if the occasion was extra special. But then again, that was also back when everyone else had started to wear make up and style their hair, so, naturally, I had to go against the flow. Unfortunately, I can’t get away without a layer of ‘fake skin’ in the morning, so here are some of the things I use to make myself look slightly less worse:
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Veggie North: The Eighth Day Co-Op


The Eighth Day is a vegetarian café and food shop on Oxford Road in Manchester, right near Manchester Met University. I’ve always found it a lovely little place to get simple, tasty vegetarian food to eat, as well as to buy for later. The first floor is a shop, but downstairs is a cute restaurant with a cosy decor. There’s usually plenty of space to sit, and it’s always a relaxed environment. Continue reading

Five Things to Know Before Starting Sixth Form

Before I started Year 12, I couldn’t stop envisioning myself strutting down a bustling corridor, best outfit on show for all to see, Frappucino in one carefully manicured hand and impeccably detailed notes in the other, meeting up with my large group of multicultural, equally as fashionable friends by my locker, retrieving my car keys, and driving us all down to some hip vegan cafe. Gone were the days of baggy jumpers and straggly ties – now, without a uniform (and legally being able to drive), I could experience an education akin to that of High School Musical.

That’s not exactly how things turned out. Continue reading