Movie Babble #2 – The Space Between Us (2017)


The Space Between Us (2017)

It probably seems at this point I’m picking bound-to-suck sci-fi flicks on purpose, but these movies do a really good job at inspiring me to write about them, so I guess I need to give credit where it’s due. I will be spoiling some things, so if you haven’t seen the romantic YA sci-fi drama disaster, then don’t bother averting your eyes because you don’t need to watch this steaming pile of manure anyway. (And I’m serious: this WILL be a full-on babble.)

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My Life in Books

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket (1999)


Contrary to the title, this book was a very good beginning to a world of literature for me. At the time – Year Six, when I was ten – I absolutely hated reading and would never dare to do so in my spare time. However, the teachers decided to let me access the ‘free reading’ shelf in the library (with the coveted white stickers!) and the first book I picked up was this. Naturally at the time I was having my ‘goth/emo’ phase, and this cover instantly appealed to me. I gobbled up the entire series over breaks and lunches and bedtimes, and from then on I was an avid reader. These books taught me that reading didn’t have to be boring, nor did it have to be an academic thing – it was something I could enjoy. This book also led me to start writing my own stories which were initially very similar to Snicket’s (to the point of plagiarism!) Continue reading

My Life in Albums

Lemon Jelly – Lost Horizons (2002)


Favourite tracks: Space Walk, Nice Weather for Ducks, Elements

According to my dad, we used to dance to this album together when I was little. Although I don’t really remember those times, I do get a hit of nostalgia whenever Space Walk is played, and I love Lemon Jelly to this day. The cover for ‘Lost Horizons’ is really beautiful, and I have some of the artwork from the CD hung up on my wall. Additionally, I’m very fond of the track ‘The Staunton Lick‘ from the album ‘The Yellow’ as it always reminds me of the final episode of Spaced, which is a bit of nostalgia in its own right. Lemon Jelly brings nothing but sweet (and bittersweet) memories. Continue reading


Two Flash Fiction Pieces: Inspire & Dual Parenting

Here are two extra-short stories (<70 words) produced for a flash fiction competition in partnership with my Creative Writing course and a local photography group, who ‘illustrate’ the text we produce with their own photographs. The theme is ‘Illuminating the Shadows’. These were mostly just character exercises I did in class that I shortened to fit the word count. Continue reading


Back to School: What’s In My Bag?


I can’t believe it’s time to go back to college. This has probably been my quickest summer yet, and not even my busiest. It seems that final crucial time of exams and university admissions is creeping ever closer, and there’s nothing I can do to slow it down. However, we can take a little look at some of the contents of my bag this year instead of doing that homework I should’ve done back in July… Continue reading


Movie Babble #1 – The Circle (2017)


The Circle (2017)

The kind of people who like to yammer on about social media being dangerous and toxic are the kind of people who post their rants on Facebook and ask their friends to share it. We all know social media can be dangerous, we all know it can have quite a negative influence and we all know the big tech companies are not to be trusted, but we use social media anyway because in the end, no one truly cares. The Circle is like these Facebook rants, only maybe with less substance. Continue reading


Veggie North: The Eighth Day Co-Op


The Eighth Day is a vegetarian café and food shop on Oxford Road in Manchester, right near Manchester Met University. I’ve always found it a lovely little place to get simple, tasty vegetarian food to eat, as well as to buy for later. The first floor is a shop, but downstairs is a cute restaurant with a cosy decor. There’s usually plenty of space to sit, and it’s always a relaxed environment. Continue reading