I Overshare (Was That Oversharing?)

Being the self-critical person that I am, I was doing some self criticising recently when I noticed a particular bad habit of mine that I’ve always been partially aware of but never fully conscious enough to, like, put a stop to it. That bad habit being, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by the title, oversharing.

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Early Canary

Three or four hours ago I was thinking of burning down the house.

The walls are made up of pencil sketches, moving up in inches,

covered first with Sea Breeze, then with Morning Yellow –

(yellow was supposed to bring about happiness).

The floors: that red wine spillage, much like

the port wine stain across her face.

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Post-Exam Blues?

Since, well, the beginning of college, I’ve envisioned this day: sat at home, not college, with all my A-level exams finished. Nothing to revise for and worry about for nearly four months. And, don’t get me wrong, I can see that this is great and it’s just what I need. I love summer and I love the opportunity to get things done and revisit hobbies. But for some reason, things all feel a little lacklustre. My exams are finished, but I feel no sense of accomplishment.

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McDonald’s Might Actually Be Hell On Earth


Regardless of your beliefs, the idea of Hell should conjure up images of misery and despair, pain and suffering, chaos and disorder, anguish and, most importantly, a complete and utter lack of any hope or sense of future. It’s where you go to be punished, and thus it’s where you’d never, ever willingly go – no matter how cheap or tasty you find the food there. Which is why I think McDonald’s might actually be Hell on Earth.

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Three Small Music Artists for April

You may or may not know (and again, I use the elusive “you” as if there’s some sort of silent, consistent audience out there, eagerly awaiting to read my stupid posts) that I ‘run’ the teeny-tiny music channel blackslushie which is a matter of me occasionally browsing the #dreampop tag on Bandcamp for hours on end until I find an album I like and sharing it with my small but very lovely following. This channel spawned after the short-lived hiatus of TheLazyLazyMe, as I wanted to continue the sharing and discovery of unknown yet very talented bands and artists. Without further ado, here are some of the artists I’ve discovered in my time that you need to check out this April (and no, I know nothing about music, just that my ears enjoy it):

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